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IIW Commission Meeting to be held at TWI

Fri, 21 April, 2023

TWI section manager, Nick Ludford is hosting the 9th Intermediate meeting of IIW Commission XVII (Brazing, Diffusion Bonding and Soldering) at TWI on Tuesday, 25 April 2023.

The Commission focuses on the metallurgical and mechanical properties of materials, components and brazed/soldered/diffusion bonded joints, with a particular interest in new filler materials and joining technologies for similar and dissimilar materials.

This relatively new working unit of the IIW began its activities during the 2009 IIW Annual Assembly in Singapore and includes experts and delegates from disciplines related to the metallurgical and mechanical property characterisation of brazed, soldered or diffusion bonded materials, components or joints.

We are pleased to be hosting this Commission, where our colleagues from TWI will present on recent EPSRC-funded project work that was undertaken in collaboration with the Universities of Sheffield and Leicester to investigate the application of high entropy alloys as braze filler metals for brazing at both high and low temperatures.

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