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GEOHEX Project Paper Highlighted in Magazine

Wed, 05 April, 2023

A paper co-written by TWI expert Shiladitya Paul and Leicester University researcher Garima Mittal has been highlighted in a magazine published by ASM International.

The review paper, ‘Suspension and Solution Precursor Plasma HVOF Spray: A Review,’ which was created as part of the GEOHEX project, forms part of the magazine’s Journal of Thermal Spray Technologies Highlights section, which is formed from articles selected by the editor-in-chief.

The paper discusses the role of different process parameters including feedstock and surface properties, injection methods, and more on thermal spray coating quality and performance.

The paper also includes details of recent developments and challenges, as well as economic aspects of the suspension/solution precursor-based plasma and HVOF spray methods and their various applications.

You can see the magazine highlight here and read the full paper, here.


The GEOHEX project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 851917

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