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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at The Welding Institute

Mon, 04 December, 2023

The Welding Institute held a celebratory event to mark the launch of their new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Charter.

The Charter was created following an investigation by a dedicated working group into diversity, equity and inclusion (D, E & I), with the aim of better reflecting and supporting the full range of diversity among our Members, creating equal representation and access to opportunities.

Through the implementation of the Charter, The Welding Institute offers an open and accessible forum for both our existing and potential Members around the globe, as well as supporting stakeholders and the wider community by bringing together key actions to demonstrate our commitment to our D, E & I values.

About the Charter

The D, E, & I Charter sets out how The Welding Institute supports the delivery of professional opportunities to all; regardless of grade, experience, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, marital status, pregnancy, and maternity, socio-economic status, background, nationality, dialect, educational achievement, and other historic barriers to inclusion.

The Welding Institute believes that Members should feel respected, valued and secure, which is aided by the embedding of D, E & I across The Welding Institute’s culture, policy and procedures.

As well as helping to attract talented people and empowering them to achieve their professional career goals, the Charter promotes best practice across The Welding Institute. Of course, this can only be achieved with the support of our Members in upholding D, E & I behaviours and practices.

An annual review of D, E & I strategies will help improve The Welding Institute’s work in this area, while a Member of Council is now responsible for reporting on D, E & I targets and activities. There is also a working group to promote D, E & I policies and activities for Welding Institute Members.

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