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5G-ERA Project Team to Hold Workshop in Athens

Tue, 17 October, 2023

TWI has been working as part of the ‘5G-ERA’ project to help accelerate the use of enhanced robot autonomy in real-world applications.

The project team are now set to share updates from their work during a project workshop on 26 October, 2023.

The workshop, ‘From Cloud Robots to 5G/6G Enabled Connected Robotics,’ will showcase how recent advancements in wireless communications, coupled with rapid progress in the field of robotics, has provided a platform to leverage connectivity into more intelligent and connected robots.

Seeking to go beyond the abilities of a single robot in an interconnected environment (such as the Internet), this workshop will demonstrate how the latest progress in 5G-enhanced robot autonomy is accelerating the transformation from traditional cloud robots to 5G and 6G-enabled connected robots.

TWI Senior Project Leader, Kandarp Amin will present on the topic of, ‘5G Enhanced Manufacturing Services’ during the event taking place at the OTE Academy in Athens, Greece.

Kandarp will be joined at the event by experts from the University of Bedfordshire, RobotNik Automation SLL of Spain, BringAuto and the Brno University of Technology in Czechia, NECLab of Germany, and eBOS Technologies form Cyprus.

You can find out more about the 5G-ERA project on the dedicated website, here, and see the full event programme, below:

From Cloud Robots to 5G Enabled Connected Robotics v2 - 5G-ERA Workshop Athens - pdf - 308kb


The 5G-ERA project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 856691

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