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Wellbeing Expert to Give TWI Tipper Group Talk on Covid-19

Mon, 25 January, 2021

The global pandemic has been a challenging time for many people worldwide as they adjust to ever-changing events and circumstances, therefore, TWI is delighted to announce that Tom Cleary, Personal Development, Wellbeing and Mental Health Consultant, Trainer and Coach, will be giving a talk to TWI staff, under the auspices of TWI’s Tipper Group on Wellbeing, Stress and Anxiety During Covid-19.

The Tipper Group was formed by a group of female engineers at TWI Ltd, The Welding Institute and the National Structural Integrity Centre (NSIRC) in autumn 2016.  The Group’s purpose is to create and promote an inclusive culture that inspires, attracts and supports the recruitment and career development of individuals irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, beliefs, (dis)abilities and socio-economic background.  It was named after Constance Tipper, a Cambridge female engineer specialising in fracture who investigated the liberty ship wartime failures.

Tom has had a passion for psychology and coaching since he was very young and his biggest goal is helping people improve their lives by understanding their minds.  After extensive experience within business, education, leadership and psychology, Tom works with individuals, organisations and businesses to increase awareness of personal development topics and wellbeing, aiming to embed both individual and team skills that help develop people’s resilience, prevent future problems and enable them to thrive.  This includes 1:1 work, group courses and workshops on a variety of topics from ‘Positive Psychology’ and wellbeing through to personal development and mental health.  Tom also works with the UK’s largest mental health charity, developing and delivering wellbeing and mental health courses.

Since the start of the pandemic, research is showing the growing impact of Covid-19 on mental health and wellbeing.  Reports show increases in isolation and loneliness, growing stress and anxiety, and people having to juggle multiple roles in a situation none of us were prepared for.  In such times, normal methods of coping and dealing with the usual ups and downs of life are suddenly insufficient for what was happening.

Tom’s talk is designed to help people increase their knowledge and understanding in key areas affecting their wellbeing, and build a toolkit of skills to help them deal with challenges more easily and effectively.

Tom explains “During the TWI Tipper Group Workshop, we will be discussing the impact of Covid-19 circumstances on our stress levels and anxiety.  We will learn how to start looking after our wellbeing, manage stress and worries, and explore new ways of dealing with challenging situations.”

Kamer Tuncbilek, Chair of the Tipper Group said “The Tipper Group aims to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I), and unconscious bias awareness, to all individuals across TWI, and support improvements to the working environment, once of which is achieving a beneficial work-life balance.  We have all been experiencing challenging times in different ways during the COVID pandemic since March 2020, therefore, we are extremely pleased that Tom Cleary has agreed to run a workshop for us.  We would like to thank him again for contributing his time to what I am sure will be a really valuable experience for us at TWI.”

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