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Welding Institute Technical Group Steel Weld Event to Re-Run

Thu, 14 October, 2021

The Welding Institute’s Materials Technical Group is set to deliver a re-run of their online event, ‘Metallurgical Impact of Minor Elements in Steel Welds’ on the 15 November 2021, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM (UK Time).

The popular webinar, which was first delivered in May, will be re-run at a later time to account for the Institute and TWI’s global audience.

Event Outline

With the properties of steels and steel welds being influenced by many factors, the presence of certain elements and their effects can play both positive and negative roles. In many cases these effects are well understood and are used to positive effect, however, these mechanisms and trends can also be complicated and can consequently cause pitfalls to arise.

This online Technical Group event will focus on elements in steels that are present in small quantities but whose impact can be highly significant with problems often only come to light at the stage of weld procedure qualification or worse still, during construction or service.


The panel of industry speakers include:

  • TWI Metallurgy, Materials and Structural Integrity Group Team Manager, Joanna Nicholas

Presentation Title: Microalloying – a brief history and some thoughts on impurities in carbon steels

  • Micro-Met International Ltd Managing Director, Dr Phil Kirkwood

Presentation Title: Carbon equivalent formulae- knowns and unknowns

  • AKD Materials Consulting Ltd Consultant Metallurgist/Welding Engineer, Eur Ing Alan Denney

Presentation Title: Centreline plate segregation cracking

  • Liberty Pipes (Hartlepool) Ltd Technical Director, Martin Connelly

Presentation Title: Weldability considerations affecting seam welding of modern SAW linepipe

  • Cranfield University Senior Lecturer, Dr Graeme Barritte

Presentation Title: The effect of inclusions in the development of weld metal microstructure


You can see the full event and registration details, here.

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