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TWI’s Welding Qualifier Updated with New Code Rules

Thu, 23 December, 2021

TWI’s Welding Qualifier has been updated to include the latest code rules from AWS D1.1 and ASME Section IX.

The ASME IX: 2021 code rules become mandatory for use from January 1 2022 and include the following new updates:

  • ASME IX has extended the scope of ‘simultaneous testing’ from welders to welding procedures, so an ‘association’ can now mange test events and facilitate the sharing of welding procedures
  • The 1.1T maximum limit for welding procedure qualification for short-circuit (dip-transfer) GMAW has been removed (it remains for welder qualification)
  • There were changes to minimum thickness qualified for base metal thickness for austenitic materials when toughness/impact requirements apply
  • Various new and deleted base materials from Table QW-422

The changes for AWS D1.1: 2020 were mostly to paragraph references due to organisational changes in the standard, but there were also some other changes including changes to supplementary essential variables for ESW/EGW and metal-cored GMAW.

The updated software is available from and you can get more information on any of TWI’s welding software products by contacting the software team on


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