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TWI’s Mike Emmett Solo UK Charity Cycle Ride for Crisis UK

Fri, 14 May, 2021

TWI’s Head of Global Marketing, Mike Emmett, is taking on a gruelling solo cycling challenge, over 800 miles between the TWI UK offices, to raise money for Crisis. He will set off from Cambridge on Friday 21 May and will arrive at Crisis’ London headquarters on Friday 4 June.

His journey will take him from TWI’s headquarters, to our offices in Sheffield, Middlesbrough and Port Talbot, before the final leg, arriving at Crisis in central London.

We spoke with Mike to find out more about his plans and the reasons for taking on such a challenge…

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Firstly, why have you decided to take on this challenge to raise money for Crisis?

The issue of homelessness has always been close to my heart and I strongly believe that we shouldn’t even be talking about this issue, in the UK in 2021. It’s not just major cities where homelessness is prevalent and it affects people from all walks of life. Homelessness can simply be the result of a sudden change in somebody’s circumstances. I want to raise more awareness, through my network, and make a significant contribution towards a great, progressive charity, Crisis.

But why did you decide to cycle some 800 miles between the TWI offices in the UK?

To maximise awareness, I felt the activity had to be a huge, unique challenge. On paper, a tremendous test that would generate traction and earn national exposure for Crisis. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something that would make a positive impact for people that desperately need help and support - something that was physically and mentally demanding.

Looking forward, I hope that the ‘TWI 800’ can become something we do every two years at TWI, with other colleagues joining for at least part of the journey. Rounding up, could we extend this to a nice, even ‘TWI 1000’ challenge in the future? 

How about your training for the ride, how have you been preparing?

Believe it or not, I only bought my road bike 8 weeks ago and had previously never cycled more than 25 miles in a session - a complete amateur! However, I am a keen runner and get out at least four times a week, so I was confident that I could partially translate my core fitness, into a more cycling specific level of fitness.  

I have been building up my resilience across distances over the last few weeks. I will be covering around 75 miles per day over 10 days, with 3 days of rest to help me recover. The uncertainty is driving me and the motivation of riding into London in 13 days, having accomplished something special for Crisis is the visual I am playing over and over in my mind!

Of course, aside from getting out on the bike, I have also been researching nutrition and timings on the bike, to make sure I can sustain my energy levels over the 10 days. YouTube, YouTube and more YouTube!

Have you had any support for the ride from colleagues at TWI?

I have had some fantastic offers of support from both my TWI colleagues and friends around the UK. On several legs, friends and colleagues are joining me for a bit of motivational therapy. Crisis were kind enough to donate a Crisis cycling jersey. Beyond this, I have taken this all on myself, utilising my annual leave.

How can people keep up with your journey?

The journey will be taking me across a range of different terrain, from the flat fenland of Cambridgeshire to the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, before heading over the Pennines and across the Brecon Beacons, and heading back into England for the final leg to London.

I am looking forward to the challenge, and will stay in contact with my colleagues in marketing to provide updates on the TWI website and social media as I make my way between the different locations.

How can people get involved and donate?

I have created a Just Giving page (directly linked to Crisis' page) so that people can donate to Crisis. Please help me raise awareness and support Crisis by clicking the button below…

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About Crisis:

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. Every year, Crisis works side-by-side with thousands of people at 11 Skylight centres across the UK. These centres help people leave homelessness behind for good through education and training, as well as support with housing, employment and health and wellbeing. 

They also carry out pioneering research into the causes and consequences of homelessness, and campaign for the changes needed to end it altogether.

For more information please email: