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TWI Tipper Group: Talk to Celebrate LGBTQ+ and Stem Day 2021

Tue, 16 November, 2021

TWI’s Tipper Group is celebrating this year’s LGBTQ+ STEM Day, 18 November 2021, with a talk for TWI staff by Dr Dominic Galliano, Head of Public Engagement at UCL, who will share his experiences as a gay man in STEM and how these have affected his career.

Dominic has worked across industry, academia and the Institute Of Physics (IOP) in many different engagement and outreach roles, and has sat on the IOP’s Advisory Group for their LGBTQ+ work since its inception, helping them to map out their strategy supporting LGBTQ+ members, from initial ideas through to an industry wide survey and report.

During his talk for TWI staff, Dominic will supplement his own story with evidence and additional narratives from this IOP industry wide survey and report, and the recommendations within it: Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists – A report by the Institute of Physics, Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dominic tells us that “The talk will give those attending an opportunity to learn about how sexuality can affect the life of someone in STEM, and I will illustrate this by looking at both my personal journey as an LGBTQ+ physicist and the results of the Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists’ report.” Adding, “My presentation will also include simple actions on how to be an LGBTQ+ Ally in a STEM workplace, and my hope is that attendees will learn more about the overall situation of their LGBTQ+ colleagues within STEM.”

Through his roles in outreach and public engagement, Dominic has always championed for academic research and learning to be open and accessible to all. During his time as Director of Outreach & Public Engagement for the South East Physics Network (SEPnet), he developed and ran Shattering Stereotypes, a project which helped Year 8 students tackle systemic gender stereotyping in their schools, with a team of Outreach Officers across three different universities. At UCL, Dominic leads a team who are developing and implementing a programme of activities which embed public engagement practice across the University, where voices heard less often are brought into UCL’s research and teaching.

TWI Tipper Group’s purpose is to create and promote an inclusive culture that inspires, attracts and supports the recruitment and career development of individuals irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, beliefs, (dis)abilities and socio-economic background.

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