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TWI Holds Online Welding Seminar for Undergraduates

Tue, 16 March, 2021

A group of experts from TWI participated in a special online seminar for around 180 undergraduate students from Lancaster University on 5 March 2021.

Organised by Dr Yingtao Tian from the Engineering Department of Lancaster University and Professor Darren Williams, Director of the Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre, the webinar was part of a module titled ‘ENGR112 Manufacturing Fundamentals’, which introduces a number of manufacturing technologies to first year undergraduate students, including casting, forming, welding, moulding, machining, heat treatment, and additive manufacturing. The webinar itself was called ‘Introduction to Digital and Joining,’ and covered the latest advancements in laser welding, friction stir welding and linear/rotary friction welding.

TWI principal project leaders, Chris Allen and Stephen Cater, were joined by our friction and forge processes section manager, Steve Dodds, for the event, which replaced a half-day laboratory session that TWI would usually host.

Of course, Covid-19 restrictions meant that an in-person session was not possible this year but, despite this, the session was well received, with Yingtao saying, “The session was fascinating and the students were amazed by the fancy welding technologies. All of the speakers did a brilliant job in delivering such great webinar, and we would certainly like to have another session next year.”

TWI is planning to hold more of these events in the future as part of our work to encourage the next generation of engineers.

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