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TWI Experts to Speak at Online Event

Fri, 03 September, 2021

Three experts from TWI are due to speak at an online workshop about the ‘Effect of Welding Residual Stresses on Structural Integrity of Components.’

The workshop is due to take place 8–9 September, 2021, having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is co-organised by ESIS TC1, DVM and DVS.

The first session, on 8 September, will tackle the topic of ‘Fracture and Fatigue of Components with Residual Stresses,’ with TWI Technology Fellow, Isabel Hadley due to speak on ‘Development of BS 7910 and R6 procedures: Effects of residual stress on fracture, residual stress, probabilistic treatment of residual stress.’

The first session will also include a talk from TWI Technology Fellow Yanhui Zhang on the subject of ‘Residual stress distribution in girth welds and its effect on fatigue performance of full-scale pipes.’

The second session, to be held 9 September, will also include input from TWI, with Project Leader, Jazeel Chukkan presenting on ‘Residual stress redistribution in welded structures during elastic shakedown, residual stress measurement.’

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