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The Welding Institute: Continuous Professional Development

Mon, 01 March, 2021

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an important consideration for all engineers. TWI Ltd Industrial Member employees can join The Welding Institute as Professional Members and access our CPD activities to further their professional development and, as a result, your organisation will also gain a more highly-skilled workforce.

What is Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuous Professional Development (also referred to as Continuing Professional Development) is the action and process of recording and conducting activities that support your professional learning and experiences. Those registered with the Engineering Council are required to carry out CPD, however, The Welding Institute advocates to all of its Members the importance of recording your professional development. CPD offers the ability to demonstrate your professional development in your knowledge and experience of up-to-date industry practices and standards.

What are the Benefits of CPD for Engineers/Technicians?

CPD serves as an important reference throughout different situations within your professional career including in interviews, when building networks and also encouraging confidence and assurance in your competence to potential employers or clients.

Evidencing a record of your continued development demonstrates that you are up-to-date with industry standards and practices.

The Welding Institute offers further awards including a certificate from achieving 100 CPD points within a year.

CPD acts as an evidencing source of competence where you may work over a broad variety of topics and projects across your career, CPD enables you to keep a record of these activities.

CPD Qualifying Activities that The Welding Institute Offers:

  • Volunteering with a Welding Institute Committee
  • Undertaking volunteer roles including being a volunteer assessor for Professional Membership and Registration candidates or volunteering as a CPD reviewer
  • Members of The Welding Institute also qualify for a 5% saving on all TWI Training and Examination courses which also enables you to gain CPD points (find out more here).
  • The Welding Institute offers a host of CPD qualifying webinars

Why is CPD Important?

As already highlighted, carrying out CPD for Professional Members registered with the Engineering Council is compulsory. The Welding Institute also outlines the importance of conducting CPD regardless, as it helps to demonstrate your continual learning and advancement of your knowledge to fit with current industry standards and practices.

Recording your CPD

Members of The Welding Institute are able to access our online recording tool ‘mycareerpath’ which allows you to digitally record, review and access your CPD details/records.

Access further information about CPD and how our Members have benefited from conducting CPD and for examples of CPD activities they have carried out:

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