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New API 1104 Code-Rule Module for Welding Qualifier

Mon, 01 November, 2021

TWI’s Welding Qualifier software is designed to manage welding procedure qualification and welder qualifications. It includes code rules from National and International codes and standards which enables the program to automatically:

  • Generate forms including essential variables relevant to the process(es) being used
  • Generate test requirements (mechanical and non-destructive)
  • Generate ranges of approval for procedures and welders for essential variables

We have recently released a new code rule module for Welding Qualifier based on the American Petroleum Institute’s API 1104 code. The new module includes support for welder qualifications and welding procedure qualifications, including in-service welding.

This adds to the existing code-rules for ASME IX, ISO 15614/9606/14732 and AWS D1.1.

For more information, contact the software team at or see:

Welding Qualifier - Welding software for qualification of welding procedure and welders

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