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MTD Magazine Publishes TWI Project Article

Mon, 19 July, 2021

An article written by TWI’s Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Pedro Santos has been published in the latest edition of MTD Magazine.

The article, which begins on page 22 of the magazine, details our work to develop autogenous welding processes to fabricate ‘rivetless’ welded aerospace structures.

This EU Clean Sky2 project, called ‘OASIS,’ developed refill friction stir spot welding (Refill FSSW) as a means to help replace mass adding fastened joints that add weight to a structure. This approach helps to meet the environmental goals for the aerospace industry by reducing fuel consumption and improving efficiency of the aircraft. The fabrication process is also optimised for joining different materials and reducing operational costs.

You can find out more about Refill FSSW and its advantages and applications, including those from the OASIS project in the MTD magazine article, here.

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