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GRAPHOSITE Project Open Day

Wed, 31 March, 2021

TWI experts are participating in an upcoming online open day for the Graphosite Project on 16 April 2021. The event, hosted by partner company Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology (CNT), will provide an opportunity to learn about the project results, meet the partners and learn about their products and services.

Graphosite is working to offer a technical solution to address the challenge of defect detection in composite materials. The application of graphene to customised substrates allows for enhanced defect detection and resultant predictive maintenance. The project has investigated the embedding of a sensor into composites during manufacturing, with the graphene acting as the sensing element and the gate through which an electric current can pass. Because the sensor is embedded into the composite during manufacture, condition monitoring can be undertaken continuously and in real time.

Each presentation during the day will include time for a Q&A session, and the agenda for the day includes:

  • Welcome and Introduction to the GRAPHOSITE Open Day (Bojan Boskovic, Managing Director, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT) and George Maistros, Managing Director at ADVISE-DETA)
  • Sensors for Quality Assessment of Composite Materials (George Maistros, Managing Director at ADVISE-DETA)
  • Graphene Sensor for Measuring Strain: A Comparison Between Traditional Methods and a Graphene Sensor (Natalia Garban, TWI Ltd, UK)
  • Bringing Functionalised Nanomaterials to Industry (Romilly Close, Haydale Graphene Industries PLC)
  • Graphene-Based Strain Sensing in Composites for Structural and Health Monitoring Applications (Akram Zitoun, Research Fellow, Brunel Composites Centre)
  • Emerging Applications of Printed Graphene Sensors: A Case Study for Lithium-Ion Battery Safety (Zlatka Stoeva Managing Director, DZP Technologies Ltd)
  • Support with the Commercialisation of Graphene Applications (Sofia Billett, Senior Innovation Consultant, CNT)
  • Composites and Novel Processing at TWI (Sofia Sampehai, Senior Project Leader, TWI)
  • Discussion: Graphene-Based Sensors Commercialisation, Opportunities and Challenges (Facilitated by Bojan Boskovic, CNT)

The Graphosite Project, funded by Innovate UK, began in August 2018 and is due to run until June 2021.

If you would like to attend this event, please register here.


The Graphosite Project is co-funded by Innovate UK under project reference 104266. 

For more information please email: