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Delivering Innovative Medical Plastic Assembly Solutions

Mon, 22 February, 2021

TWI is trialling an innovative plastic assembly technique for dissimilar materials joining, created by UK-based Phasa Limited.

Phasa have pioneered Plastic Hot Air Stake Assembly solutions for industry since their launch in 1985. It is a process already widely used within the automotive sector for trim, engineering and electronic components and, as this technology offers several benefits, Phasa are ready to promote the joining method to other industries, including the medical sector. 

Figure 1. Intricate medical engineering applications
Figure 1. Intricate medical engineering applications

The technology allows for the joining of thermoplastic to any other material, using formed stakes to secure the materials together.

The equipment is able to join small or large pieces, without the need for bonding and, working closely with customers, Phasa are developing the technology further to join increasingly smaller components.

Figure 2. PHASA 20/40 Machine
Figure 2. PHASA 20/40 Machine

Geoff Kelly, Commercial Director at Phasa explained, “The Phasa technology is an excellent solution for applications across the medical sector. Particularly, we've identified its potential use for attaching electronic circuit boards into medical devices and we've been working with customers to develop the technology to suit their joining requirements.”

He continued, “What clearly sets the Phasa process apart is that it leaves no plastic debris, which could happen with other methods such as ultrasonic welding. It also eliminates the use of adhesives, which is clearly beneficial for the environment when items are disposed of."                                                                                                                               

TWI is set to begin in-house trials of the innovative equipment and welcome those who are interested in the capabilities of this technique to contact us, below.

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