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Another Chance to Attend Coatings Qualification Webinar

Wed, 17 March, 2021

Following the success of our in-demand Qualification of Coatings for Refinery Processes Webinar, which took place on 24 February, TWI is going to run the event again on 28 April.

The webinar will once again give you the chance to hear from TWI Technology Fellow and surface engineering expert, Dave Harvey, who will provide an overview of our recent experience in the testing and evaluation of thermal spray coatings, paints and ceramic coatings.

The event will take place at 3pm UK time to allow interested parties from outside of the UK to attend. The webinar, which includes a discussion around the preparation of test coupons and the simulation of process environments at elevated pressure and temperature (using autoclaves), will also offer an insight into sour gas stripping vessels and other applications.

The event is ideal for materials engineers and process plant managers responsible for the maintenance and repair of oil and gas refineries and related process plants, and you can see a recording of the original event here.

However, we would strongly encourage you to register for the event so you can see the webinar live and participate in the question and answer session that will follow.

You can find out more and register here.

For more information please email: