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Alternative Language Support for Welding Qualifier

Mon, 01 November, 2021

TWI’s Welding Qualifier software manages the qualification of welders (WPQs and continuity) and welding procedures (PQRs, WPSs and PWPSs) with built-in code rules from ASME, AWS, ISO and API codes and standards.

Welding Qualifier functions mostly in English, but TWI has recently included support for other languages for printed WPS forms. WPSs can now be printed with forms using:

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

WPSs can be printed either just in the above languages or in combination with English.

For more information contact the software team at or see:

Welding Qualifier - Welding software for qualification of welding procedure and welders

For more information please email: