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Achieve Company and Personal Certification with TWI CL Ltd

Thu, 29 April, 2021

In a year or more that has seen global markets turned on their heads – and companies, organisations and professionals in all areas of business and innovation having to rethink their approach to management and career development respectively – now more than ever, the attaining of internationally recognised, company and personnel certification is seen as a key strategic tool in retaining credibility and relevance.

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is a subsidiary of the TWI Group with nearly 30 years’ experience in the development and implementation of certification schemes designed to meet the needs of both industry and career-focused individuals.  At the heart of the service is TWI CL’s ability to understand their customer’s, whether company or individual, requirements and operational needs, and deliver the high standard expected.  This ensures a thorough and impartial approach, in accordance with Certification Management Board governance, which provides clients with the additional confidence they need to undertake their certification journey.

In addition, TWI CL has spent the last year reviewing and improving its certification services, including introducing remote audits and CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certification extensions, to continue to service its customers during the pandemic  Therefore, it has never been more straightforward to get in touch with, and apply for, company and organisation, employee and individual certification through TWI CL.

TWI CL is accredited by UKAS to international standards for the certification of both people (ISO/IEC 17024), and companies for products, processes and services (ISO/IEC 17065).

Personnel certification has offered competence assurance certification through its CSWIP and later BGAS-CSWIP certification schemes, for both employers and their employees, as well as individual’s seeking to progress their career, for over 50 years.  An employer can sponsor their employees’ certification or candidates can undertake it themselves, and there is also an employer-specific non-destructive testing (NDT) scheme which tailors the training and examination to the employer’s procedures.  Currently there are over 60,000 individuals world-wide who hold CSWIP certification, providing assurance to employers that their staff are fully competent and able to deliver in their job role, and to individuals that they are well equipped to shape their career progression within industry.  Certification also demonstrates that the holder is able to deliver a quality product or service while maintaining the relevant safety requirements.  Areas covered by the CSWIP, and BGAS-CSWIP, schemes include many disciplines associated with welding; joining; materials integrity; inspection in manufacturing; construction, NDT; metal fabrication; and operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery.  TWI CL is also a recognised third party organisation for the UK under the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations 2016 for permanent joining.

TWI CL Personnel Certification is also an approved End Point Assessment organisation, under the Apprenticeship standards, and the Authorised Nominated Body for the European Welding Federation (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW) qualification and certification programmes.

For manufacturers of welded products, TWI CL Company Certification provides certification to international, European and UK standards for the control of weld quality across all industry sectors.  TWI CL is an UK Approved Body for the Construction Products Regulation, providing factory production control certification that enables manufacturers to apply the UKCA and CE UK(NI) marks for the GB and Northern Ireland markets.  TWI CL is also the only ISO 3834 certification body in the UK approved by IIW and EWF for the internationally recognised Manufacturer Certification Scheme, and the only certification body in the UK approved by the European Committee for the Welding of Railway Vehicles  (ECWRV) for EN 15085 certification.  Additionally, TWI CL Company Certification operates the Certification Scheme for Welder Training Organisations (CSWTO) that provides assurance of competence and capability in colleges and private training providers.

Tat-Hean Gan, TWI’s Director of Innovation and Skills said, “There are many benefits to be gained by companies and organisations who undertake certification.  From streamlining business processes, improving chances of winning contracts and reducing product or service problems – through to better management, enhanced employee retention and better productivity – the achievement of an international standard gives clients greater confidence in where they are placing their business and ultimately could lead to greater profitability.”

“The benefits of certification are equally advantageous for individuals” explained Prof Gan, “including extending their knowledge and skills in preparation for greater role responsibility, boosting professional credibility, and equipping themselves with highly relevant tools they can use to maximise future career opportunities such as promotion or job portability.”

Visit the TWI CL website for more information on how certification can assist your company or organisation, or your personal professional/career development.

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