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TWI to Exhibit at Virtual Low Carbon Vehicle Event

Mon, 16 November, 2020

Experts from TWI will be participating in Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicle Event on 18-19 November 2020.

Cenex-LCV is the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event, aiming to showcase the capabilities of the UK as a leader in low carbon vehicle (LCV) technology while also building awareness and the confidence to adopt LCV solutions for vehicle operations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is being held online this year, with TWI having a virtual exhibition booth. This booth will allow us to showcase our automotive welding, joining and thermal management capabilities and show how TWI can help address the challenges faced by automotive manufacturers and suppliers with the transition to electrification and alternate drive solutions.

Meet the Experts:

  • Nick Edge (International Business Development Manager – Industrial Membership Services)

Nick spent 30 years working alongside TWI before joining us in 2018 as a Business Development Consultant with a focus on joining and the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Nick has worked in many industries, but particularly the automotive industry in the UK, USA and around the world. He helped OEMs and tier 1 suppliers to develop new parts using friction welding and other joining techniques as well as working on the testing of EV power trains.

His primary focus is now on the changing materials and joining techniques needed for the revolution that is happening in the automotive market.

  • Chris Otter (Sector Manager - Automotive and Electronics & Sensors)

Chris is an experienced manufacturing engineer with knowledge of a variety of material joining processes relevant to multiple industry sectors.

With a sound knowledge of facilities and expertise at TWI, his role includes management of TWI industrial membership interactions and assisting industry to access TWI’s unique range of Member services to benefit their business.

  • Nick Ludford (Section Manager – Thermal Processing Technologies)

Nick manages a range of different materials related projects at TWI, including work activities related to thermal processes such as brazing.

His years of experience include the management and delivery of collaborative projects in the areas of lead acid batteries and lightweighting, heat exchangers and renewable energies, as well as copper nanoparticles and anti-microbial effects.

  • Steve Dodds (Section Manager – Friction and Forge Processes)

Steve joined our Friction and Forge Processes technical team in 2013 following TWI’s industrial support for his PhD, which focussed on developing the friction stir welding of steel. Whilst at TWI, Steve has delivered a broad range of projects related to friction welding, from pre-competitive research through to manufacturing support and technology transfer.

With a particular interest in the friction welding of dissimilar metals/materials and redesigning components to access the benefits of friction processes, he also has experience in establishing quality control and assurance in friction weld production and is highly aware of both the needs of industry and advanced manufacturing technologies.

  • Sullivan Smith (Principal Project Leader and Automotive Programme Manager – Lasers)

Sullivan Smith joined TWI in 2011, where he holds the position of Automotive Programme Manager. Prior to that he was employed by Tata Steel from 1998 through to 2011, working in resistance welding R&D and customer technical support for the European automotive industry.

Sullivan’s specialisation is in resistance welding and mechanical fastening processes. His main tasks have been to provide technical support to the European automotive and general manufacturing sectors. Much of his experience is in the area of Advanced High Strength Steels and aluminium alloys. In recent years Sullivan has worked on the joining of dissimilar materials including; dissimilar metals, metals to polymers/composites and metals to wood. Sullivan represents BSI (British Standards Institute) on several ISO committees (International Standards Organisation) in the area of resistance welding and is the chairperson of the ISO committee for mechanical fastening.

  • Nick McCarthy (Business Development Consultant – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)

Nick recently joined TWI as business development manager for the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies group. He has previously worked for over 20 years with friction joining technologies, with a particular focus on friction stir welding, rotary and linear welding. Nick has worked with companies on friction applications across a broad range of sectors including automotive OEMS and tier suppliers globally.

Nick is working with the TWI membership to support joining challenges and also build new relationships with companies that require support to develop new products and applications.

  • Ewen Kellar (Consultant - Adhesives, Composites and Sealants)

Ewen has been working with the adhesives group since joining TWI in 1996. With a background in chemistry and materials science, his expertise involves surface analysis and pre-treatments.

He has worked on a variety of projects across a range of industry sectors to find adhesive-based solutions for different materials.


Meet our experts and discuss how we can address your EV R&D needs by registering for Cenex-LCV 2020 here.

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