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TWI Successfully Delivers HYFRYDOL Project

Fri, 12 June, 2020

TWI is very happy to have successfully delivered the HYFRYDOL project to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. The HYFRYDOL project focused on the use of high frequency surface waves for data transmission through composite laminates.

TWI has recently developed and patented (UK patent GB2522344A and US patent US10090715B2) composite technology for surface wave propagation. This technology has been identified as being beneficial by many end-users in multiple sectors such as defence, aerospace, automotive, etc. for a variety of potential data transmission applications.

With challenging requirements for reduction of weight and volume of electrical cables in aerospace applications, the ability to embed this functionality within the structure of the airframe will allow better internal packaging and space savings, which can be used for other subsystems.

Wireless data transmission through composites using electromagnetic surface wave at 60GHz has been demonstrated at laboratory scale.

The next phase, after the end of the project, is to work towards further developments that will reach a prototype stage and come in contact with relevant stakeholders to implement the technology.

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