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TWI PhD Students to Attend EPMA HIP Seminar 2020

Wed, 04 March, 2020

TWI NSIRC PhD students Alessandro Sergi and Malallah Al Lawati, who are supervised by Dr Raja Khan (TWI) and Prof Moataz Attallah (University of Birmingham), have both been invited to present at ‘The Use of HIP to Improve Safety and Innovation Offshore,’ hosted by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) in Oslo on 10 and 11 March, 2020.

Alessandro will be presenting on the topic of ‘Power Hot Isostatic Pressing of Nickel Base Metal Matrix Composites (Ni-MMCs) for High Wear Resistance Applications’ on 10 March at 16:30. The presentation will cover the microstructural evolution in Ni-MMCs and its effect on the wear properties. Alessandro is in the third year of his PhD investigating the use of powder hot isostatic pressing for high temperature materials and is funded by European SUPREME project.

Malallah will be presenting ‘Powder Hot Isostatic Pressing of Ti-Based Metal Matrix Composites (TMCs)’ on 11 March at 08:45. The presentation will cover an in-depth microstructural analysis of TMCs and how varying the reinforcement size and volume fraction affects the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties. Malallah is in the second year of his PhD investigating the influence of the reinforcement particles on the wear properties of hot isostatically pressed HIPed TMC materials.

Please find Alessandro and Malallah at the conference over the two days, they will be happy to answer any questions and to talk through in more detail about their research.

Powder Hot Isostaic Pressing of Ni-NMCs for High Wear Resistance Applications - pdf - 12kb Powder Hot Isostatic Pressing of Ti-based Metal Matrix Composites - pdf - 11kb
Alessandro Sergi
Alessandro Sergi
Malallah Al Lawati
Malallah Al Lawati

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