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TWI Makes Expertise Available in the Fight against COVID-19

Tue, 31 March, 2020

In these unprecedented times, many companies are rapidly gearing up to provide vital equipment and care products to the NHS. TWI is providing support to its Industrial Members in this critical effort but, in addition, any company which is involved in this work can now access our expertise free of charge.

We are already supporting industry in the development of ventilators, face-masks and hand sanitiser and talking to our Industrial Members to ensure the work meets their current needs, but our expertise is now available to any other companies or initiatives which may benefit.

TWI is bringing its world class knowledge and facilities in materials, joining and assembly, and testing to bear on challenges in developing new manufacturing methods at scale and speed. The best way to make medical products will change when manufactured outside the conventional medical sector, due to differences in equipment and skillsets available. TWI can support almost every joining technology, together with cutting and other processing methods and our expertise spans polymers, metals and ceramics and their integration into assemblies. TWI’s expertise is available to support both design engineering and manufacturing, offering a fast-track route to achieving throughput and yield, together with both online and offline NDT.

TWI is already supporting some specialist small volume production companies in making parts to keep medical equipment operational. Here, our world-leading expertise in optimisation of process sequences could have a critical impact on productivity – enabling increased throughput and yield to get medical supplies where they are needed in time.

The message is simple. If you are working in the fight against COVID-19 and you need technical support around materials, manufacturing methods or testing, TWI is available and ready to help. Please contact us.

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