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TWI Invited to New Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Project

Fri, 31 July, 2020

TWI has been invited to participate in a new EU project related to the manufacture of electric vehicles.

The new H2020 ‘ALBATROSS’ project has been granted funding by the European Commission, with the work being coordinated by aluminium experts Yesilova Holdings of Turkey.

The project is set to investigate improvements to eMobility technology for both the European electric and hybrid-electric passenger vehicle market. This includes improving the performance of battery assemblies with regards to matters such as charging time, range, maintenance, and battery module design. There will also be additional environmental benefits through the implementation of fast and cost-effective processes including disassembly, recycling and reuse.

All of these issues are of importance to the future of electrification within the automotive industry and, by extension, could prove influential in the UK’s push towards achieving Net Zero.

There is a significant amount of complimentary expertise available at TWI to support this project, including joining, fixturing and tooling design, material characterisation and testing.

TWI will also be able to provide specialist expertise in laser and friction processes, developing tailored energy distributions to join intermetallic interconnects and battery trays; welding procedure validation through destructive and non-destructive testing; welding tooling design; and joining technology scale-up. Part of our focus is to promote the manufacturing benefits offered by high-productivity welding for advanced and lightweight battery assemblies. 

Should the project agreement be completed, the ALBATROSS Project will build upon our existing expertise in electric vehicles and battery assemblies.


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