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TWI and LR to Hold AM Certification Webinar

Mon, 13 July, 2020

TWI and Lloyd’s Register are holding a joint webinar on 14 July 2020 related to our recently released guidance notes for additive manufacturing certification.

What is Qualification and Certification?

Part certification ensures that components are manufactured according to given standards and regulations. These could include ISO or ASTM standards, CE marking, or bespoke government or application requirements. Notified bodies are responsible for testing and assuring the quality of certified parts according to the standards needed. Qualified facilities have been assessed as capable of manufacturing parts that meet the standards of certification.

Why is Certification Important to Industry?

Demand for additively manufactured parts is growing in highly regulated and safety conscious sectors such as aerospace and medical industries. With this rise in need, certification can act as an indicator of reliability and quality to ensure only the best parts are put into circulation after manufacturing.

As a manufacturer, qualification and certification opens up opportunities to supply industries that require stringent quality controls. As a user, purchasing certified parts assures the quality of the components you are using. Certified products reduce risk and ensure the health and safety of both manufacturers and customers.

Why is Certification Challenging in Additive Manufacturing?

There are currently no worldwide standards available for additively manufactured products.

Whilst freedom of design and re-design, and decentralised manufacturing provide benefits to supply chains, manufacturers and users, they can provide novel challenges to a regulatory environment. The rigorous standards that exist are not applicable to additive manufacturing processes, and thus novel methods of ensuring safety and quality must be developed.

Lloyd’s Register have developed a broad and adaptable approach to AM certification, taking into account all stages of the process, from material supply through to part inspection.

Following on from the newly-qualified powder bed fusion facility at TWI, and in conjunction with Lloyd’s Register, we have published to provide support to others looking to certify their AM processes and ensure high-quality products for their customers.

This webinar will discuss the experiences and learning points discovered by TWI and Lloyd’s Register, provide an insight into the certification process for additive manufacturing, and offer opportunities for discussion and Q&A on the topics with our experts.

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