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Profile: TWI Middle East Offices

Wed, 05 August, 2020

The regional offices of TWI include TWI Middle East, which since its beginning thirteen years ago has seen great expanse and success. The extensive list of services it provides includes technical training and engineering consultancy, and its contribution to welding, industry, and oil and gas in the Middle East is helped by a strong reputation achieved in part by the influence of TWI in the UK. Ahsan, the Middle East General Manager, Ahmed, the Middle East Training Manager were keen to discuss the strong past and promising future of TWI’s operations in this part of the world.

TWI Middle East began in 2007 as a training-focussed operation, later adding health and safety training in 2008. This has more recently expanded to include engineering consultancy. TWI Middle East operates in sixteen different countries, not just in the Middle East but also Africa and Pakistan.

The services provided by the Middle East offices has also grown. A large part of this is technical training, including standard TWI training courses, industry specific training with courses tailored to the exact needs of customers, and health and safety training. HSE is relevant mostly for clients in the oil and gas industries, but also the retail and manufacturing companies that TWI Middle East works with. Additionally, there is a strong focus on engineering consultancy for a range of clients. Most recently, engineering work was added to this list of services in 2011.

Ahsan, Ahmed, helped by their team, are keen about the work of TWI Middle East in the future. They stress how essential the backing of the TWI R&D department from the UK has been in ensuring their success – TWI Middle East works very closely with the UK in all departments, such as in the engineering side of their work. The positive reputation of TWI as a reliable and technically sound company is very valuable and helps the Middle East offices to conduct their important work.

There are many examples of moments in which the technical know-how and quality of TWI Middle East has been an important asset to the engineering industry there. In one job, metallurgical expertise was required to assess an equipment in an oil field. Though it was a relatively small routine job for the company, TWI’s assessment allowed the client to resume the production of 200,000 oil barrels a day, a significant contribution to this industry from TWI.

Ahsan believes that the most important contribution of TWI Middle East is ‘value addition’ to the clients; the consultancy, training, and engineering work provided allows him to immediately see the satisfaction from the client after they have been helped. He is keen for TWI to be seen as a solution provider above all else in the Middle East. Innovation is also a primary focus, with the company always striving to innovate and develop based on client feedback.

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