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Power Industry Case Study: Welding Supervisory Services

Mon, 27 July, 2020

TWI’s involvement in various projects across the power sector ensures on-time build completion and also reduces costs associated with repairs and shutdowns to a minimum.

Welding supervision by a TWI Engineer with relevant expertise and knowledge can ensure the correct procedures are followed, including preheat, welding, post weld heat treatment and documentation. Avoiding poor practice and implementing an effective system for all welding related activities saves time and money whilst delivering projects ‘right first time.’ TWI is also able to provide consultation during planning and design, ensuring smooth delivery without undue delays.

One project TWI has been able to support required the inspection of P91 steam piping, as the welding procedure specifications were not sufficiently detailed and/or not accurately followed. Non-conforming heat treatment procedures and/or a lack of proper consumable selection, can lead to undesirable properties, flaws or defects, which in turn can cause weld failures, delays and additional cost.

By assessing existing welds and providing solutions, TWI has been able to verify the integrity of welds, provide guidance for rework where needed, and build confidence for the client.

By involving TWI as an independent and impartial third party, the handover of the P91 project was not hindered by use of improper procedures or documentation, and TWI’s involvement gave reassurance to all parties of the plant’s integrity.

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