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New Industrial Member, Pinweld, Joins TWI

Thu, 05 March, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Pinweld Ltd have joined as an Industrial Member of TWI.

Pinweld Ltd have created an innovative new precision joining technology for high value plastic components, including thin thermoplastic sheet and composites.

With applications across industry sectors ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical and more, this patented welding technology could revolutionise how plastic components are designed, manufactured and repaired.

The technology has already undergone successful tests that have shown high integrity and a reduction in the preparation and finishing required both prior and post weld. The tests have also indicated advantages with regards to speed, accuracy, versatility and repeatability when compared to other welding methods.

With interest already secured from the UK car body repair market, Pinweld will be working with TWI to develop the process further as they seek further applications for this innovative new process.

Pinweld Ltd’s Stephen Perris (Business Development) spoke on their joining as an Industrial Member of TWI, saying, “This is absolutely the right time for Pinweld to be joining TWI as we seek to develop our new technology with TWI and explore other areas, such as funding and partnership opportunities, which will accelerate the whole process.”

You can find out more about Pinweld on their website and interested parties should contact us for more information.

For more information please email: