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Geo-Drill Community Updates

Tue, 28 April, 2020

Geo-Drill is a collaborative initiative led by a consortium of 12 partners across UK and Europe. Following kick-off in April 2019, the project has completed a successful year developing innovative sensors and materials with potential to improve the lifetime of the drilling components reducing the environmental impacts and capital expenditure during the drilling activity. From developing a robust down-the-hole (DTH) hammer with improved rate of penetration (ROP) to high-fidelity drill monitoring system for real time monitoring, Geo-Drill experts are working on advances in drilling technologies with potential to drastically reduce the cost of drilling to large depths (5km or more) and at high temperatures (250ºC or more).

Geo-Drill Newsletter Issue 2, APRIL 2020

Geo-Drill is pleased to publish its 2nd issue of Newsletter. Scroll below for latest updates from the Geo-Drill community.

Geo-Drill celebrates Earth Day

The theme of Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Immediate concerns for carbon neutrality and dwindling natural resources, has caused a regime shift, calling world economies to take measures to reduce/end their contribution to global warming by 2050. Shifting to renewable resources in the energy mix offers the prosperity of a green economy - accelerating progress to mitigate an irreversible state of global warming.

Geo-Drill is developing technologies aimed to reduce drilling costs enhancing the environmental performance. Discover more

What are experts saying?

What is interesting about Geo-Drill is that it has brought together experts that are not looking solely at the drilling aspects, but at how their expertise can add value to the drilling process, be this material scientists, advanced coating technologists, data sensor specialists, data transfer expertise and drilling specialists”

Find out more about the drilling processes and Geo-Drill in an exclusive interview with Kevin Mallin, partner and end user of the technology being developed. Discover more

Geothermal industry amidst the Covid crisis

As the tragedy of Covid-19 takes hold of the global economy, leaving no area or country untouched by its malevolence, it has brought into focus the need for greater localised sustainability. Although crude oil prices have plummeted due to an actual and perceived lack of demand, there is still a geo-political crisis raging, clearly demonstrating that we cannot rely on world order being maintained and the need to move to low carbon, local energy production is an imperative.

Geo-Drill can help reduce the site footprint of the drilling operations as well as minimising environmental disruption, such as noise and emissions – the holistic approach. Discover more

Innovations in Geothermal

Deployment of geothermal energy is capital intensive with high upfront costs heavily skewed towards drilling geothermal wells, making up for 30-70% of the total investment.

Geo-Drill is a key player with several other initiatives funded by the secure, clean and efficient energy work programme within Horizon 2020. Discover more

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