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Funding Secured for EVBus Project

Thu, 05 November, 2020

Samuel Taylor and TWI have been awarded InnovateUK funding as part of the recent ‘Catalysing Green Innovation: Securing the Future of ZEV’ competition.

EVBus is an InnovateUK collaborative project between Samuel Taylor and TWI aiming to investigate an innovative copper to aluminium bonding technique for use in zero emission vehicle (ZEV) busbars. Joining copper to aluminium would allow for light-weighting of electric vehicle (EV) busbars, while maintaining electrical properties. Busbars are an integral part of EV battery packs. Thus, improving the busbar can lead to lighter packs and extend the range of ZEVs.

Successful bonding will allow the resulting product to be laser welded to parent copper or aluminium, thereby solving the issues currently associated with laser welding dissimilar materials.

The goals of the project are to investigate the feasibility of bonding copper to aluminium directly or through the use of interlayer materials. This work will inform the industrial process feasibility and development being undertaken by Samuel Taylor. Samuel Taylor aims to use this process to manufacture and market busbars for electric vehicles (EVs) and ZEVs.

For more information on this project, please contact us as below or email Samuel Taylor’s contact at:


The EVBus project has received funding from Innovate UK under grant agreement No 81615

For more information please email: