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CRACKWISE® Version 6 Available Now


Wed, 11 March, 2020

Following the publication of the new revision of BS 7910, we are pleased to announce CRACKWISE ® Version 6 (CW6) is now available.

TWI has developed structural integrity software since the early 1990s, when the DOS-based program CRACKWISE® was first released. Since then, the software has been redesigned and re-released on several occasions, reflecting changes in both the underlying procedure and the software/hardware platforms available to engineers at the time. CW6 automates the fracture and fatigue calculations presented in BS 7910:2019, replacing CW5 (which complies strictly with BS 7910:2013+A1:2015). The existing key features in CRACKWISE® software, include:

  • Wide range of structural and flaw geometries
  • Fracture assessment
  • Fatigue crack growth assessment
  • Combined fracture and fatigue assessment
  • Annex T toolkit giving guidance on NDT capability

CW6 also has new features such as:

  • Batch runner which allows multiple fracture/fatigue cases to run simultaneously
  • Inclusion of a PDF of BS 7910:2019
  • Compatibility between the interface and the BS 7910:2019 document
  • Implementation of revised solutions, where appropriate (e.g. there is a revised solution for axial surface-breaking flaws pipelines under pressure, and some minor changes to other solutions)
  • Maximum likelihood toolkit (Annex L)
  • Constraint toolkit (Annex N)
  • New Charpy – fracture toughness correlation (Annex J)
  • Primary/secondary stress interaction calculation default to V rather than
  • Annex K PSFs remain, but as legacy variables for backward compatibility (generic PSFs for fracture have been removed from the 2019 revision)

The software is fully supported by TWI. Its use in TWI’s consultancy and research activities also ensure regular user feedback to the development team.

For further information, please contact or

Example of CW6 splash page
Example of CW6 splash page
Example of CW6 batch runner interface and quick overview of results
Example of CW6 batch runner interface and quick overview of results

For more information please email: