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Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques using TWI Crystal™

Mon, 02 November, 2020

TWI is a world leading research institute specialising in advanced ultrasonic testing (UT) methods for non-destructive testing (NDT). TWI has developed an advanced software package; TWI Crystal™ that allows the user to exploit the most advanced UT techniques to date for a wide variety of inspection scenarios. The recently launched website for TWI Crystal™ can be found at:  

Phased array (PA) and conventional UT have been prominent in NDT for decades. However, recent developments in computer hardware have allowed for real time implementation of total focussing method (TFM) based algorithms such as full matrix capture (FMC), plane wave imaging (PWI) and virtual source aperture (VSA). These algorithms use post processing of the ultrasonic data to synthesise a PA focus spot at every pixel in an image, giving a fully focussed and easily interpreted image.

Figure 1. “Pitch-Catch” PWI inspection of the joining of two sections of pipe using TWI Crystal™
Figure 1. “Pitch-Catch” PWI inspection of the joining of two sections of pipe using TWI Crystal™

TWI CrystalTM allows the user to program an inspection to suit a wide variety of ultrasonic transducers, wedges and inspection component materials. Multiple inspection calibration settings are available, including image calibration techniques and utility calibration techniques such as an ultrasonic wedge parameter calculation and a calibration to negate the effect of transducer latency. The half skip, full skip and self tandem imaging views can be toggled in order to maximise the angular coverage of sound. Multiple sound mode inspections are also possible. The ability to use multiple probes for a single inspection, including a “pitch-catch” channel where two probes communicated with each other, is available.

TWI Crystal™ can also make use of encoders in order to track the transducers’ position while scanning. This includes fixed wedge scans and scans using the ultrasonic autofocussing algorithm, ideal for immersion scanning or scanning using a conformable membrane to couple the transducer to a component. Data may be saved and analysed after the inspection with a variety of analysis and reporting tools.  

TWI Crystal™ uses advanced graphics hardware to achieve real time inspection with FMC, VSA and PWI.

Visit the TWI CrystalTM website to find out more.

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