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Addressing the Challenges of Ice Management for Aerospace

Tue, 08 September, 2020

Prevention of icing on aircraft is a safety critical issue. Active ice mitigation strategies are technologically mature, but add complexity and weight. Preventing ice build-up via passive coatings is an area that offers considerable benefits, but has significant challenges.

The aim of the InnovateUK funded Icemart project is to address these challenges and to reduce the need for active ice-management. The project consortium, which includes TWI, CAV-AT, BAe Systems, Promethean Particles, Opus Materials Technologies, Innvotek and LSBU, are using nano-technology and building on patented ground-breaking technology to overcome the well-known fragility of nanostructured coatings by using novel additives that can be incorporated into conventional aviation coatings.

Functional testing of such coatings is critical but also expensive. However, the partners have developed an innovative approach to ice wind tunnel testing (IWT). Through the development of a bespoke IWT model, we are optimising the process. Our IWT model allows for increased testing, less down time with the aim of fast tracking the development of the Icemart coating technology.

You can find out more by watching this short video or visiting the Icemart website.


The Icemart project is funded by Innovate UK under reference number 105773

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