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50 Years of CSWIP Certification

Mon, 09 November, 2020

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is a subsidiary of TWI Ltd. TWI CL was established in 1993 to exemplify the independence and impartiality required to deliver certification in accordance with international standards. TWI CL is most well known for its CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certificates. A globally recognised brand, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, CSWIP has over 60,000 current certificates in use and over 40,000 certificate holders.

1924 marked the beginnings of what would become CSWIP with the Institution of Welding Engineers stating that their main objectives were “to establish Welding Schools and provide for the training, examination and certification of welders.” From these initial steps, CSWIP was born in 1969 when 24 individuals were issued the first NDT certificates in the UK in ultrasonic inspection and radiography. These certificates were met with great success, and the initial aim of The Welding Institute (the evolution of the Institution of Welding Engineers) for the CSWIP certificates to “receive nationwide recognition and acceptance,” was achieved. 

The original creators of the CSWIP scheme could not have predicted just how far their CSWIP scheme would go. Now a requirement of potential employees by many organisations, the CSWIP certification scheme, has spread and gathered recognition and acceptance worldwide. CSWIP enables an individual to demonstrate their competence, and is seen by industry as a mark reliability, credibility and integrity.

Not only has the CSWIP’s recognition grown, so too has the number of schemes it offers. No longer an NDT certification scheme, CSWIP has expanded to offer certification for personnel engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery. As a result, CSWIP has achieved a reputation as one of the preeminent certification bodies in the world for a variety of role-specific competences.

UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17024, the international standard for personnel certification, the schemes developed by CSWIP assist in compliance with current standards and regulations, and provide assurance to companies that their staff are competent and can meet the required level of skill.  This accreditation demonstrates to the industry that the holders of a CSWIP certificate have been have been assessed independently, with impartiality, and ensures that certification is delivered in accordance with international standards.

Maintenance of its impartiality and independence is very important to TWI CL, and it does so under the strict guidance and criteria established by its Certification Management Board, which is comprised of volunteer representatives from the industry and other relevant stakeholders. This focus on impartiality ensures that TWI CL is able to manage conflicts of interest and maintain the objectivity of its certification activities in accordance with all relevant certification standards. This impartial, independent outlook also creates an atmosphere of client confidence and industry compliance on a worldwide scale.

Looking to the future, CSWIP will continue to grow as new developments in global industry align with the ongoing need for competent, certified, and fully trained staff.

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