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Welding Institute: Continuous Learning and Development Award

Mon, 21 October, 2019

The Welding Institute is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Annual Awards.

Among the awards accepting nominees is the Continuous Learning and Development Award, which recognises individuals who have taken on significant educational journeys alongside their careers in welding.

The award, which was introduced in 2018, recognises those who have successfully combined practical workplace skills with traditional academic learning and achievement to the benefit of both their employer and themselves.

Sponsored by the Nuclear AMRC’s Chief Technical Operating Officer and Vice-Chair of The Welding Institute, Professor Steve Jones, the award was created to acknowledge those who took a non-traditional route to success.

Professor Jones himself took a non-traditional route to gain his academic qualifications, having taken external, self-financed private study. He hopes that he can inspire others to pursue their own ambitions, regardless of the obstacles before them.  

The award includes a £500 cash prize for the winner as recognition of their efforts and personal sacrifices.

Last year’s winner was John Whittaker, who both researched and lectured on laser hybrid welding, as well as sharing his knowledge of Robotic Welding Cells and Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking.

We advise any welder who has applied passion and a willingness to learn to apply for this award, although you will need to provide evidence of your learning and how it has been successfully applied to progress your career.

For more information and to make a nomination for the award, please click here.  

John Whittaker (right) with Chair of the Awards Panel, Steve Yianni
John Whittaker (right) with Chair of the Awards Panel, Steve Yianni

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