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TWI’s Carne Willsher gains NVQ Level 5 in Health and Safety

Tue, 23 July, 2019

Carne Willsher, one of TWI’s health and safety advisers, recently obtained his NVQ Level 5 in health and safety within only 9 months, and is now a graduate in this field.

To achieve this level, an individual is allowed a period of 3 years and the process is assignment based and is supported by complex and various pieces of evidence. This involved the completion of a series of essays which are then marked and verified by IQA.  The content required to be studied for this level consists predominantly of the managerial side of health and safety. This covers aspects such as the protocol for dealing with emergency situations both on-site – in labs and offices – as well as off-site, and the production of supporting documents is also required.

As an individual with a primarily technical engineering background, with a diploma in welding and robot programming, Carne Willsher’s achievement of NVQ Level 5 in a different field, within such a short amount of time, is both commendable and indicative of the way in which this transition between fields is certainly possible.

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