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TWI Preparedness for Brexit – Statement

Wed, 27 February, 2019

In light of the ongoing commercial concerns from the wider business community regarding Brexit, this summary has been prepared to offer reassurance to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders of the continuity of TWI services during this challenging period.

TWI has considered and assessed a range of possible Brexit outcomes and scenarios. Contingency plans have been developed, following consultation with our customers and stakeholders, and in consideration of support and advice received from government representatives and business groups. Whilst a range of possible outcomes have been considered, the development of our detailed action plans at TWI has focussed on 4 possible outcomes, as follows:

  1. No-Deal Brexit
  2. “Hard” Brexit Deal
  3. “Soft” Brexit Deal
  4. No Brexit

TWI is an international business specialising in longer-term strategic value adding relationships. As such, the fundamental value proposition of our business is unchanged by Brexit, although we recognise that there may be some short-term disruption.

Our contingency plans are based on our key areas of focus, as follows:

  1. Retention and support of our talented team of international staff.
  2. Continuity of service excellence for customers, regardless of location.
  3. Continued participation in a range of collaborative research programmes (with full consideration of any revised arrangements).
  4. Management of our critical business imports and consumables (to maintain business continuity).

We will respond to the evolving situation by initiating various aspects of our contingency plans, as required.

TWI looks forward to the rapid resolution of the Brexit process, and to the subsequent rebuilding of international relationships and effective trading arrangements.

Our focus remains on the provision of world class research and technology services to our international network of Members and stakeholders. TWI is committed to minimising any impacts of Brexit on our business, and to maintaining service excellence during this period of uncertainty.

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