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TWI loaned ground-breaking OTC Daihen D-Arc welding system

Wed, 17 April, 2019

Robotic and manual arc welding equipment manufacturers, OTC Daihen have loaned a new D-Arc welding system to TWI Ltd.

OTC say that D-Arc is the world’s first welding system to deliver the stable, high-current control required for buried arc transfer and is capable of delivering a thick weld of up to 19mm in a single pass.

A deep penetration process means that the welding heat reaches inside the substrate where the electric arc locally melts the base metal as well as the wire filler metal buried into the weld.

The capability to weld thick metal sheets in a single pass should offer increased efficiency and a reduction to the associated costs when compared to conventional multi-layer welding.

TWI have already tested the new D-Arc system to join 15mm steel plates in a single pass, with more work set to follow.

You can find out more about arc welding at TWI here.


Photograph: Graham Hanson (OTC Daihen) and Claire Verdon (TWI)

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