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TWI Hosts Successful ISO 14692 Event

Tue, 05 November, 2019

TWI and the Non-Metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) held a successful two-day consultation event related to the ISO 14692 standard for using glass reinforced plastics (GRP) piping in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The event brought together stakeholders in the manufacture, specification / procurement, installation and operation of GRP piping, including ARAMCOTECH, BP-UK, BP–USA, FPI, NOV, Amiblu, DRG, Fluor, FPI, KBR, Lloyds Register, Bechtel Corporation, Flexible Manufacturing Solutions Ltd., and Z-Subsea Ltd.

The first day saw TWI host discussions regarding quality shortfalls in jointing and the associated competence requirements for operators and supervisors. Event organiser, Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh opened the event and welcomed the invitees before TWI’s Director of Research and Technology, Dr Paul Woollin gave an opening statement. After this, Dr Mihalis Kazilas, Director of the NIC, welcomed the participants and explained the role of the NIC within the oil and gas sector.

Following the introductions, Kees Rookus of FPI gave an insight into ISO 14692, and the changes sought by industry and how these would inform standards activities. A brainstorming session followed, including detailed discussions including input for the revision and amendments to ISO 14692 parts 1 to 4. The session ended with key findings and the collation of thoughts and suggestions.  

The second day of the event was broken down into two separate discussions regarding ISO 14692 and the fabrication, installation and operation of composite pipelines. The morning session included an appreciation of the underlying need for examination and certification by third parties along with the current concerns of industry. Clare McGrath of TWI / CSWIP certification provided an overview of ‘Third Party Certification for Role Specific Competence Assurance,’ which was followed by a brainstorming session to discuss specific industry needs and different technical levels of certification.

The afternoon session involved a discussion of the training challenges and delivery methods for the required knowledge and skills for GRP piping personnel in line with ISO 14692-4, while supporting individuals and employers. The session began with an overview from Anindya Bhattacharya of KBR titled, ‘Lessons from a Contractor – The Need for Training,’ which was followed by TWI’s training school head, Stephen Wisniewski presenting ‘Opportunities for Training - Built from TWI’s Core Competencies.’ The session continued with brainstorming where the operators, contractors and manufacturers discussed their experiences and the changes they all want to see.

The informative two-day event was well received by all and provided a wealth of important and useful information to help progress the details of ISO 14692 in relation to the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The responsibility for ISO 14692 remains with ISO/IOGP and TWI and NIC has no intention of influencing IOGP/ISO work on ISO 14692 from a commercial angle, including Part 4.

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh
Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh
Dr Paul Woollin
Dr Paul Woollin
Dr Mihalis Kazilas
Dr Mihalis Kazilas

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