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TWI Gains New LD Heating Light Source Capability

Wed, 06 November, 2019

TWI has a new Hamamatsu Photonics LD Heating Light Source (LD-Heater) with real-time temperature monitoring functionality - offering a new capability for our Members. 

The LD heater is a compact, highly functional spot heating light source which includes a fibre output LD module and driver along with a processing point temperature monitor. 

The unit incorporates a fibre-coupled laser diode unit with a wide range of optic selections and a high level of accuracy, reliability and repeatability. Able to operate in modes including manual, program and external control, the LD heater also has a power line-up that can be altered depending on the application. With a real-time temperature measurement using a coaxial irradiation temperature monitor, the unit is able to find the optimal processing conditions and analyse defects, while the Top-Hat beam profile makes it ideal for laser heating processing.

The LD heater is able to be used for various processing applications including resin and plastic welding, laser soldering, thermal processing, waterproof sealing, laser sintering of nano-inks for printed flexible electronics and glass sealing.


Operating with a continuous wave and an output power of 200W , the LD heater has a peak oscillation wavelength of 940nm±20nm. The unit delivers a switchable sampling rate, allowing it to operate at 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz, while the maximum temperature is 1050°C with an accuracy of ±10°C and a light condensing spot diameter of 0.8 - 6.4mm.

Project Work

TWI is ready to consider opportunities to carry out project work using the LD heater and welcomes suggestions from our Industrial Member companies.

You can find out more about Hamamatsu’s range of equipment here.

Laser sintering of nano inks
Laser sintering of nano inks
Laser sintering under processing
Laser sintering under processing
Glass sealing with frit glass
Glass sealing with frit glass

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