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TWI expert interviewed for Aerospace Engineering Podcast

Fri, 29 March, 2019

TWI’s Senior Project Leader in Friction and Forge Processes, Bertrand Flipo, was invited as a guest on the Aerospace Engineering Podcast.

The podcast series sees university researcher, Rainer Groh, interact with experts so that enthusiasts can listen in and gain an insight into the latest advances and future developments in the aerospace industry.

The episode focused on friction welding, with a particular emphasis on linear friction welding

During the podcast, Bertrand provided a general overview of friction welding, a joining technique that uses friction to heat and join parts without melting them, as well as an overview of the current hot topics in this area and expectations for the future of the technology.

The podcast episode also provides a look at some of the game-changing aerospace applications for friction welding, the advantages of the process and the related challenges that industry faces.

You can hear Bertrand discussing friction welding on the Aerospace Engineering Podcast here.

The Aerospace Engineering Podcast is supported by donations from listeners through a dedicated Patreon page. Since Rainer needs to cover his travel costs, hosting and other expenses, any donations are gratefully accepted.

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