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Laser Powder Bed Fusion paper published in Journal

Mon, 15 July, 2019

Miguel Zavala, a Project Leader from TWI’s Laser Additive Manufacturing section, has recently published a paper in the Journal of Materials & Design on the use of power factor and specific point energy as design parameters in laser powder-bed-fusion (L-PBF) of AlSi10Mg alloy.

The paper investigates the fundamental laser-material interaction parameters in correlation with the L-PBF densification mechanism. A parametric study was conducted to define quantitative indicators for process optimisation. A novel design approach has been presented using optimal energy maps that are independent of the specific laser deposition system (i.e. continuous- or pulsed-mode). The primary outcome of this work is the development of a more holistic approach for L-PBF process optimisation. Process parameters of topology optimised structures can now be modelled and transferred between different L-PBF systems using the ESP – PF curve presented in the paper.

Miguel is based at TWI’s technology centre in South Yorkshire, and works on the development of the Selective Laser Melting AM process. He joined TWI after completing his PhD in ­­Mechanical Engineering at University of Sheffield and now works on a variety of collaborative projects such as DREAM, PASSPORT, TOD, C-ALM AOHE,­­­­­­ as well as conducting fundamental research on L-PBF process control, process monitoring and process optimisation.

To view the paper in full, please visit ScienceDirect.


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