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GeoSmart: Demonstration in high Enthalpy Kizildere Field

Mon, 09 December, 2019

GeoSmart project aims to optimise and demonstrate innovations to improve the flexibility and efficiency of geothermal heat and power systems with demonstration in working geothermal plants — two variants of GeoSmart technology meeting the different flexibility needs of low- and high enthalapy CHP (combined heat and power) provision.

GeoSmart project is planned to be demonstrated in Kızıldere field which is the home to oldest geothermal power plant of Turkey. Zorlu Energy is planning to increase its power plant availability and efficiency with the demonstration of thermal energy storage systems and increasing the heat extraction from the reservoir by decreasing the injection temperatures.

"GeoSmart project seems to be one of the very innovative solutions to compensate the need for peak hours in the grid with the addition of thermal energy storage sytems that is capable of discharging the steam/brine in the need of excess electricity in the grid. Zorlu Energy is very eager to share its long term geothermal experience with the partners coming through all Europe.” - Zorlu Energy.

Established in 1993, Zorlu Energy is an energy company that aims to operate on different fields of energy sector providing a global scale integrated service. Zorlu Enerji, which is a subsidiary of Zorlu Enerji companies and the only publicly open company operates on various fields of the sector with an integrated corporate combination including electricity and steam generation and their retail, electricity sales, electricity distribution, solar panel sales and installation, natural gas sales and distribution, construction, management and maintenance of power plants and EV charging stations network. Zorlu Energy is also the leading geothermal business investors in Turkey by holding 1/4th of the total installed capacity. Zorlu Energy is operating 305 MWe capacity in two different fields of Turkey — Kızıldere and Alaşehir with total installed capacities 260 MWe and 45 MWe respectively.


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