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Failure Investigation Training for Forensic Examination

Thu, 03 October, 2019

Six engineers from AVIC MTI travelled from Beijing, China to TWI’s headquarters in Cambridge to attend a three-day training course presented by world experts Joanna Nicholas and Mike Dodge from TWI’s Materials and Structural Integrity Group.

The course focused on failure investigations, with the course attendees learning the skills and techniques to conduct a forensic examination of cracked and failed parts, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to improve the safety and integrity of components.

TWI has a large breadth of knowledge in this area having been involved in conducting hundreds of failure investigations spanning many industries.

During the course attendees learnt about the techniques that can be used to answer fundamental questions that often arise during failure investigations, such as ‘assuming the design is adequate, why did this component fail when others have not?’ and ‘what combination of conditions or features resulted in the onset of failure?’ Ultimately this will assist in allocating responsibility and preventing re-occurrence.

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