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Detecting cracks in mooring chains using acoustic emission


Mon, 01 July, 2019

Ángela Angulo, Team Manager, Condition and Structural Health Monitoring, attended the 9th International Conference on Acoustic Emission (ICAE-9) and the 61st Acoustic Emission Working Group Meeting (AEWG-61), held between the 17 and 20 June, in Chicago, Illinois.

At the conference, Ángela presented her team’s research on structural health monitoring of mooring chains, crack initiation and growth using acoustic emission (AE).

This research also features in the special issue of Applied Science, called Modelling, Simulation and Data Analysis in Acoustical Problems. The research explores the capabilities of using AE as a monitoring tool in offshore installations to detect fatigue crack initiation and propagation in mooring chains.

You can read the full journal article here.

Attendees at the conference
Attendees at the conference

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