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TWI takes international approach to plastics joining

Wed, 04 April, 2018

A new ISO Working Group is being convened to address the development of what will be the first international standard on the thermal joining of non-pipe plastics components, reflecting the growing application of thermoplastic moulded components by industry both in the UK and overseas.

This new international standard will build on the recently published British Standard BS 89100 Plastics – Joining of thermoplastic moulded components – Specification of variables for thermal joining processes, and will provide companies and organisations worldwide with a set of industry approved procedures for the implementation and control of thermal joining processes for moulded thermoplastics components.  It will extend current best practice in plastics joining beyond the UK, thereby enabling industry internationally to operate to agreed levels of quality and standardisation.

The Working Group that will develop the new standard, under the umbrella of the ISO Technical Committee 61 (Plastics), is currently seeking to expand its representation with the appointment of new members with pertinent experience.  Industry experts who are interested in this opportunity to help shape the international plastics arena, should have an in-depth knowledge of any of the following joining techniques: ultrasonic, infrared, hot gas convection, linear and orbital vibration, spin, laser and hot plate welding or thermal staking.  If interested, please contact TWI: email or telephone +44 1223 899000.

Dr Mike Troughton, Technology Manager for Plastics at TWI is responsible for convening the new ISO Working Group.  ‘I look forward to establishing this inaugural forum for the development of international standards on the joining of thermoplastics’ he said, explaining ‘Components made from these materials are used extensively in a large number of global industries.  This new ISO Working Group will pave the way for greater consistency and higher quality in plastic products worldwide in the future’.  Mike is also a member of the BSI committee that developed BS 89100.

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Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts
Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts

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