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Laser beam welding training course

Thu, 20 December, 2018


The laser beam welding training course, designed by TWI technology experts, aims to deliver essential skills in the use of laser beam welding technologies. Topics covered during the two-day training course include basic principles of laser technology, an overview of industrial laser processes, an in-depth understanding of laser beam welding and quality assurance, and safety requirements for laser beam processing. 

The course is an intensive mixture of classroom lectures and practical training using both video footage and live demonstrations on TWI's equipment. There are also opportunities for individual discussions with TWI engineers.

The course is designed for engineering, management and supervisory staff whose company uses, or intends to use, laser technologies. The attendees will benefit from an improved understanding of the laser beam welding process and how it can best be utilised.

Book now for February's training course which takes place on 27 and 28 February at TWI's Cambridge facilities. View more details and book here

Overview of course content

The training course is conducted in multiple lecture sessions and presented in an informal style, with a rolling question and answer approach being encouraged during the lectures. The following subjects are covered during the two-day training course:

  • Basic laser technology, including the working principles of the most common laser types and beam delivery techniques
  • Introduction to laser safety, including requirements for laser safety depending upon laser type and class, and an awareness of relevant laser safety standards
  • Overview of industrial laser materials processing, including laser micro-joining, laser cutting and laser additive manufacturing. Working principles and current state-of-the-art methods for each of these laser technologies are covered
  • In-depth understanding of laser beam welding, including the principles of laser welding, examples of important factors in continuous laser beam and pulsed laser beam welding. The training course covers macro- and micro-scale laser welding of metal and plastic
  • Materials and their behaviour during laser beam welding, including properties of laser beams as a heat source, energy distribution, weldability of materials, identifying common welding imperfections/defects in welds, and their control (plasma/plume formation and control)
  • Design for laser beam welding, including joint design, tolerances, welding position and distortion prevention
  • Quality assurance and control during laser beam welding, including process monitoring and seam tracking
  • Qualification, testing and inspection of laser welds, including an overview of relevant ISO laser welding standards, welding procedure specification (WPS) to ISO standards, and welding procedure qualification to ISO standards
  • Practical training using an on-site high power fibre laser

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