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Arkwright Scholars gain valuable project experience at TWI

Tue, 21 August, 2018

A final project looking at a range of joining processes and learning about engineering critical assessment to predict the continued safe operation of a structure successfully completes a two-year Arkwright Scholars’ experience programme at TWI for sixth formers Adam Cliff and Oscar Jopp.

Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Award winners Adam, from St Ivo Sixth Form, Huntingdon and Oscar from Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge first visited TWI in their initial term of Year 12 for a laboratory tour and to meet young engineers involved in different areas of the business.

Last summer they returned to take on a week-long mini project examining the mechanical and micro properties of metals and alloys. Added to this at the end of Year 13 is their latest study week at TWI involving hands-on skills, giving them near-complete insight to the work of engineers and researchers at the research and technology organisation.

The scholars considered an engineering critical assessment, allowing them to learn about a range of joining processes and surface engineering techniques. They saw by combining evidence of material properties with mechanical testing, fracture toughness, hardness testing, defect, stress and failure analysis, that this would allow them to predict lifetime of a structure or component, ensuring it was safe and fit for purpose within that time period.

Adam and Oscar delivered a full report of the week and gave a superb final presentation of their understanding, linking this with how they will use the knowledge and skills in their future learning.

Adam said, ‘I have really enjoyed my time here. I would like to thank TWI for sponsoring my Arkwright Scholarship and running this program, which was both challenging and interesting. It has introduced me to the field of material science, and has had a big impact on my decision to study this at University.’ He added, ‘After studying for my A levels, it was good to see some real-world engineering at TWI. I've been very fortunate to have had such a good group of people supporting me during my time here.’

Adam has chosen to study materials science and engineering at Imperial College London, and Oscar will take aerospace engineering at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania in the autumn. We wish them every success and look forward to their next visit to TWI.

This year’s project was arranged by second-year PhD student Cui Er Seow and a team of students, engineers and technicians representing TWI’s National Structural Integrity Research Centre, the Younger Members’ Committee of The Welding Institute and TWI itself.

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Fracture face samples – Cui Er Seow with Adam Cliff (left) and Oscar Jopp (right)
Fracture face samples – Cui Er Seow with Adam Cliff (left) and Oscar Jopp (right)

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