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BAE Systems - Aligning capabilities and technology

BAE's Dave Holmes explains how TWI’s capabilities and technological understanding aligns with BAE’s work on a global level.


Dave Holmes, the Manufacturing Director of BAE Systems’ air sector, explained how TWI’s capabilities and technological understanding aligns with BAE’s work on a global level.

Building on decades of collaborative work, covering everything from design to production and ongoing support, TWI’s expertise helps BAE realise their objectives in the maritime sector, on land and in the air.


Having worked together for 50 years, TWI and BAE have built up a trusting working relationship spanning the full extent of BAE’s product range and process life cycle.

Both organisations have a global reach and an ingrained desire to do things differently, constantly pushing innovation from a strong technological foundation.

This long-standing working relationship has allowed for the establishment of a real bond over the years, with BAE becoming a key client for TWI, whose dedication and confidentiality they prize highly in turn.

Richard Freeman works within TWI's Aerospace, Defence and Transport Industry Group
TWI works with BAE to create new technological solutions Picture courtesy of BAE Systems
BAE Systems are working to help develop the next generation of industry experts Picture courtesy of BAE Systems

TWI and BAE work together to create novel joining technologies and showcase collaborative technologies that are, for example, set to be utilised on the new Team Tempest sixth generation fighter aircraft, which is to replace the Typhoon by 2035.

This is just one example of the continuing work for TWI and BAE, which spans all aspects of product design, manufacture and ongoing sustainment.


Looking to the future, there seems to be no reason for the working relationship between TWI and BAE to change as new defence platforms are developed for land, sea and air.

As Dave Holmes confirmed that 'TWI are unique to work with,' it is clear that we also enjoy a unique working relationship built up over many years of successful collaborative working. 

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Pictures courtesy of BAE Systems

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'TWI is unique to work with' - Dave Holmes, BAE Systems

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