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Our TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) subscription options are designed for companies and organisations looking to build on their technology development ambitions to bring more products, systems or services to market, and who would benefit from joining forces with TWI Innovation Network and Industrial Members as well as TWI’s Innovation Centres and international network of communities.

Being a Subscriber company / organisation of TWIIN via one of our flexible options facilitates mutual collaboration, enabling the parties involved to achieve engineering advances in specialist areas across a wide range of industry sectors, relevant to their business, in response to commercial needs.  This includes tailored support to maximise capabilities in advancing new concepts through Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) to market delivery, opportunities to join research and development (R&D) initiatives targeted at grant funded projects, 1-2-1 innovation management support, grant funded collaborative project workshops, proprietary access to the TWI networking and collaborative platform ORBIT, and more.

TWIIN subscription packages

Choose from the following flexible options, each of which provides a range of different benefits, according to the subscription tier: 

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum – for start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps (companies up to 249 employees also automatically qualify for the Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) scheme, including a searchable company profile listing on the TWIIN website)
  • Palladium – for RTOs and larger enterprises with an R&D focus

If you are interested in exploring a TWIIN subscription, simply email to and we will be in touch.

Technology Acceleration Programme Members (TAPs)

Our current TAPs Members comprise SMEs from around the UK, Europe and surrounding regions.  To find out more about our TAPs Members – including which companies could have synergy with your own, with a view to future collaboration – search below by key word, technology and/or industry.

Search list of TAPs Members


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